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Have a Positive Birth: Tip #1

Moms matter
Tip 1: Agree that it isn't all about "happy and healthy baby". It is about happy and healthy mama too.


When you start thinking about YOU as an equal part of this experience, you realize how important it is to think about things you'll need during and after the birth.

You'll feel empowered to communicate your feelings, wants, and needs.

You'll begin to think through how YOU WILL feel in certain situations and weigh that equally against how your baby will feel. The more you diminish your feelings and needs, the less you can be present for your baby. So don't. Get what you need for your baby and you.

And this isn't about taking risks with your baby's health for your own wants or not heeding a care provider's advice because it doesn't make you happy. It means that when something doesn't go as planned or a need or want is taken away, you feel empowered to ask for additional support, more help, or a compromise that will allow you to regain some sense of control, empathy, and support.

It means thinking about your baby and you when making decisions and planning for the positive and negative consequences of those decisions.


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