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Tips for Weathering a Winter Pregnancy

If you're pregnant while dealing with the winter weather this year, you've probably noticed there are some new considerations, worries, and frustrations. With a little planning and tricks, you can better weather your winter pregnancy.

Tips for a Winter Pregnancy


Spending some time outside. Time in nature -- even for 15 minutes -- will help improve your mood and sense of well-being!

Get some Vitamin D! Vitamin D, which helps regulate your mood, strengthen your bones (by helping absorb calcium), and boosts your immune system and neuromuscular system. Check with your care provider first, but it's usually a good idea to take a supplement.


Avoid falls with no or low-heeled, non-slip, rubber-soled shoes when walking out in winter weather, especially when on ice. If you feel you’re about to fall, roll to the side if you can. If you do fall, call your health care provider.

Also, be safe on the road as well. Make sure your car has good tires and that you wear your seatbelt correctly.


With pregnancy you are more susceptible to colds and illness during winter. Take proper precaution by frequent hand washing with soap, good nutrition (a large daily doses of fruit and veggies), sanitizing surfaces, getting enough sleep, staying hydrated, regular exercise, getting the flu shot, and avoiding people you know are sick.

General Health

With indoor heating and warm layers, you're likely to become dehydrated. Make sure you drink water and other fluids regularly throughout the day.

Moving in and out of buildings can cause rapid body temperature fluctuations. To cope, dress in layers, so you can easily peel off them off and better regulate your temperature.

Skin issues caused by pregnancy and winter weather results in extra itchiness, dryness, and cracking. Find a safe lotion, cream, oil, and/or salve and apply regularly. Shorter and cooler showers will also help, along with running a humidifier in your bedroom and your office. The humidifier is also helpful for people more prone to nosebleeds, which can be exacerbated in winter and during pregnancy. You can also rub salve on the inside of your nose to help lubricate and moisturize dry membranes.

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