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Boot Camp Classes

(This is a PRE-REGISTRATION step as we connect you with this great group!)


This Boot Camp is a men-only class for guys expecting their first baby. During the 3-hour workshop, "Rookie" dads-to-be talk to "Veteran" new dads (with their babies) about the first months of fatherhood. The Vets answer questions, address concerns, and share solutions to common issues faced.


Though your registration here is FREE as part of our partnership with Boot Camp for New Dads, the cost of the class is $40.  See your email to complete the process and get the link for this class.  Thanks! 


  • Support new mom and understand what she's going through

  • Form a parenting team with your partner

  • Handle gatekeeping and make sure you're hands-on from day one

  • Troubleshoot crying babies

  • Become the dad you want to be and bond with baby

  • Build your relationship before baby arrives

The live, online, interactive workshop is $40 for each dad-to-be, which includes our new interactive online e-Guide called “Welcome to Fatherhood”.

Many dates have a Boot Camp for New Moms online workshops available at the same date/time, see dates available during registration at the Boot Camp website.  Link to complete registration at this site will be sent to you via email.

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