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Super Duper Sibling Class

Cost: $45

Prepare the "big kids" for the newest family member! This interactive class for ages 3-12 covers: what newborns look like, the safe handling of babies, how babies "talk", first born feelings, and how to be a super-duper helper! Registrants will get, via mail, a hero mask & cape and more!(+postage)

About The Event

This private class allows you to pick ANY Thursday evening or Saturday morning to prepare your firstborn for your newborn!

You have a baby on the way!  Are the older sibling(s) ready for this big event?  Help them prepare to be a super-duper sibling by taking this fun class!  This interactive class includes a ways to help matching game, a scavenger hunt for baby items, and a super agent safe house search to teach:

  • Newborn appearance

  • Ways to help at feeding time

  • Ways to play with the baby

  • Keeping baby safe in the home

  • first born feeling

  • Reasons why babies cry and ways to help when they do!

Plus, your sibling child will get a package in the mail!  They will receive a "Do Not Distrub My Sleeping Baby!" door hanger sign, items to decorate the nursery, a super-hero mask, and a cape as they graduate from this class!  If you have more than one sibling attending, simply order an additional mailing for each one at $14 per sibling.  This class can be taken any time during mom's second or third trimester.  (Parents are requested to attend this online class with their child(ren) for security reasons.)  $6.25 additional shipping fees apply for this mailing.

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