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About Our On Demand Classes

For all expectant parents:

Our ON DEMAND classes were developed in response to the COVID shut down. As an alternative to our in-person class, videos were created!  It took quite a bit of time and resources to create these professional quality products, so it didn’t make sense to use them only once.  But unlike most online videos, we offer:

  • links to 2 two hour videos that cover all of the content normally shared in a private class

  • an additional 2 hour video to cover baby care content (new parents)                                                        OR a 1 1/2 hour super sibling Zoom session (refresher parents)

  • a mailing with many resources, including a book and online subscription for over 40 commercial free videos on topics such as various birth scenarios, medical procedures, comfort measures, cesarean birth, breastfeeding, and car seat safety.  Many of these videos include computer animation to show you what happens below the skin surface!

  • a private 45 min. online chat with the instructor to answer all your questions!


So, if you are considering learning in an ON DEMAND format, check out what is available through DC Lamaze!

Class Content

The first two videos (about 2 hours each) will cover:

  • Anatomy

  • Signs of labor

  • Helpful hints for the coach

  • Comfort measures such as breathing and relaxation techniques

  • Various positions to help reverse back labor and failure to progress

  • Hospital procedures and interventions

  • Medications

  • Cesarean birth

  • Pushing and birth

  • Birth day care for mom and baby

For first time parents:

The third video for new parents is also about 2 hours, and will cover baby care basics, such as

  • Newborn Appearance  and Reflexes

  • Diaper changing and  Umbilical Cord Care

  • Bath time and Bedtime

  • Comforting a Crying Newborn

  • Safety in the Home

  • And info on choosing a pediatrician and daycare provider

For Refresher Parents, you can pick ANY Thursday evening or Saturday morning to prepare your firstborn for your newborn! Help them prepare to be a super-duper sibling by taking this fun class!

This interactive class includes:

  • Newborn appearance

  • Ways to help at feeding time

  • Ways to play with the baby

  • Keeping baby safe in the home

  • Reasons why babies cry and how to help when they do

Plus, your sibling child will get a package in the mail!  They will receive a "Do Not Disturb My Sleeping Baby!" door hanger sign, items to decorate the nursery, a super-hero mask, and a cape as they graduate from this class! 

The goal of these courses is to provide a balanced approach, combining the benefits of Lamaze with medical practices, if needed, to enable mom to enjoy a positive birth experience. The bonus baby care video or sibling class will prepare you (and your family) for your new addition to the family!

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